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Govt slammed for failure in providing health care to people in J&K amid NHM strike

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Srinagar: Kashmir Chamber of Commerce, Civil Society Forum Kashmir (CSFK-H), Kashmir Economic Alliance, eminent doctors and various other eminent organizations of the J&K state have slammed government for failure in providing medical and health care especially in far flung rural areas in the state during the harsh winter conditions.
In a joint statement issued here, they said that it was first time people of J&K State especially Kashmir are mercilessly suffering due to the failure of Government in keeping medical and health care intact during the harsh winters.
The health care system has been badly affected by the strike of NHM employees over last 26 days. It has also been reported that the important vaccination drive like pulse polio and others have been severely affected across J&K state. More than 65% of Health Centre including Primary Health Care Centre, Community Health Centre, and Sub District Hospital are already facing shortage of doctors and other paramedic staff.
“Now strike of NHM doctors has further worsened the situation across J&K State especially in for flung areas.”
The weather conditions across Kashmir valley are highly challengeable for the people and government instead of providing relief has further worsened the scenario by not keeping Health Care intact, they said.
“What is the fault of ordinary citizen that they are being made to suffer to the worst of miseries. Lakhs of poor, sick people have been made to suffer during these hard winter conditions by the present regime of the government.”
The joint statement urged the Government for immediate restoration of the health care across J&K.
The joint statement also appeals NHM employees to immediately call off the strike considering winter conditions across Kashmir Valley on humanitarian basis. “The Government should immediately respond and accept all the genuine grievances of the NHM Employees without any further delay.


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