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MLA Kokernag demands compensation for flash floods sufferers of Kokernag

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Anantnag:- There have been incidents of cloud bursts at many places in Kokernag area during the last few days, causing a lot of damage to property and a threat to the public lives.

The places of such incidence include, Mathindoo, Rein-Arther, Guridraman, Ahlan Gadol, wandewalgam, Zalangam, Bindoo, Kokernag etc. There has been a lot of damage to different crop and plantations.

The flash floods have also caused lot of errosion to the land and damaged some structures, including the residential ones, at some of the places.

In a statement MLA Kokernag, Abdul Rahim Rather, has asked the district administration to have an assessment of loss and prepare and forward the cases to the government for compensation of the sufferers. He has requested the government to compensate the sufferers at an earliest and go for the restoration work and also take measures for the protection of any such eventuality in the future. He added.


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