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Responsibility Of Present To Rectify Mistakes Of Past: LG; ’10 lakh job opportunities will made available to boys, girls ‘this decade” 

By INS Desk , in Jammu Regional Srinagar , at August 15, 2021

Srinagar, Aug 14: Stating that “historical agony cannot be erased, but our efforts can definitely soothe the agitating nerves”, Governor Manoj Sinha on Saturday said that it was the “responsibility of the present to rectify the mistakes of the past.”

In his 75th Independence Day address, he said it was the time to heal the old wounds.

“We want to assure all citizens that whoever is trying to mislead the young people through proxy war, shall be given a befitting reply,” he said. “The neighboring country, which does not care for its own people, has been making a malicious attempt to instigate some of our youth.”  He called upon “misguided youngsters”, that militancy is a curse for peace and development.

“By misguiding you from the path of peace and progress, inimical forces are denying you the life of peace and dignity on this pious soil.”

In 2019, he said the Prime Minister had “marked the beginning of a new era for Jammu and Kashmir.”

“With your ability, energy and unparalleled patience, Jammu and Kashmir shall have a prosperous future,” he said, adding, “Carrying forward the four resolutions of the 75th year of independence viz; the power of public participation, the resolve of establishing a new Jammu and Kashmir, providing equal opportunities to all and technological development – we along-with youth of the Union territory can transform the entire Jammu and Kashmir into Shalamar garden once again.”

He said that in-spite of two COVID-19 waves, government have completed 13,357 projects under various schemes last year.

“Several steps for public welfare are being taken. Our efforts are guided by the ideals of public participation, accountability, transparency, equitable and inclusive governance.”

He said the highest priority has been given to social equity. “The areas which were kept backward since independence are being transformed. The policies that have been implemented on the ground after 2019 have helped the Balmiki Samaj, Adivasis, Gurkha Samaj, daughters of Jammu and Kashmir, West Pakistani Refugees and Backward Classes to finally receive social justice for the first time in the history. In order to restore ancient glory and rights of the women of Jammu and Kashmir, countless schemes in the economic, social and educational fields have been launched. Everyone is being provided opportunities to lead a better life irrespective of religion, caste and class. Infinite doors for socio economic progress of youth have been opened. The achievements of the last one year in the fields of business, education, industry, science, agriculture and natural resources are proving to be a source of inspiration for the whole country.”

He said it is the responsibility of the present to rectify the mistakes of the past.

“Therefore, the rule of social justice and equity has been established by eliminating rampant discrimination.”

Similarly, he said, certain “anti-national and anti-development elements are trying to incite the sentiments of the people regarding the new land laws.”

“Changes have been made in the regressive land laws for the welfare of farmer because they needed permission even to plant and cut an apple orchard on their own land,” he said, adding, “A farmer with less than 4 Kanals of cultivable land was denied the high density plantation. By removing all these discrepancies, a progressive and development-oriented system has been implemented,” he said, adding, “We are determined to improve the standard of living of 70% people dependent on agriculture.”

Quipping to past leadership, he said: “Yeh Jabr bhi dekhna hai, Tareekh ki nazrun ne, lamhoon ne khata ki thi, Sadiyun ne sazaa paayi.”

He said the historical agony cannot be erased, but “our efforts can definitely soothe the agitating nerves.”

“Despite having the capacity to generate 20,000 MW hydropower only 3500 MW of electricity was harnessed after Independence,” he said, adding, “Under the directions of the Prime Minister, Hydro projects worth 3400 MW have been approved in just two years. We will generate the same amount of electricity in the next four to five years that was generated in the last seven decades.”

He said former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee ji’s principle of Jamhooriyat was not allowed to flourish on the ground for decades. “There was a famous collectorate tradition of democracy. And, the nominations of MLAs of four or five regions were held at his house. So, on one hand, there were elected representatives of the people and on the other, the representatives of Collector Sahib,” he said, adding, “But the eve of 2020 ended this ‘Jungle Raj’ and the entire Jammu and Kashmir participated in the fair, transparent and violence-free elections of DDC. The people who have been elected are the actual representatives of people and not of Collector Sahib.” This year, said, Rs. 1271 crore have been sanctioned to DDCs, BDCs and Panchayats for public oriented works in their respective areas. “By earmarking a district Capex budget of Rs. 12,600 crore through the spirit of Jan-Bhageedari, the three-tier Panchayati Raj system, has presented a new example of grass root democracy, strength and self-reliance to the whole world. By devolving funds, functions and functionaries to the Panchayati Raj Institutions, the administration has enriched and strengthened the most important element of democracy. Since this is a new system, it will definitely take some time to stabilize.”

He resolved to transform Jammu and Kashmir. “Our young boys and girls shall be the makers of this new Jammu and Kashmir. At least 10 lakh job opportunities shall be made available to them in this decade.”

He said Government was committed to ensure dignified return of Kashmiri Pandit brothers.

He said the administration has decided to constitute a mechanism to provide justice to those families, whose properties have been illegally bought under pressure or encroached upon by certain elements.

“I request all citizens to support the administration in this effort and set a new example of brotherhood for this universe.”



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