Ishfaq Jabbar demands restoration of high speed internet

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Srinagar, Aug11: National Conference Senior Leader and Former MLA Ganderbal Sheikh Ishfaq Jabbar has said that the doctors, teachers, students and others are facing hard time with slow internet services in J&K and urged the government to restore high-speed mobile internet.
In a statement issued here the former MLA said that due to non-availability of high-speed internet services in the valley all affairs of life have been badly affected and as the people are being advised to work/study from home, but this is impossible with 2G internet speed and limited fixed line internet penetration.
He said that the schools are using different kinds of digital modes to connect with students to save their crucial academic year and continue with studies, but due to the restricted internet speed, teachers are finding it hard to take online classes as there is only 2G internet speed available here and students are finding it tough to keep up with the pace of their counterparts in other states owing to the low-speed internet.
The denial of high-speed internet has, prevented people from using banking apps, paying bills online and accessing other services. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, doctors in Kashmir are struggling to update themselves on the latest information on the deadly infection, Jabbar added.
“People are working from home during this lockdown and students are learning through various online platforms. I urge the government to immediately restore 4G for effective and efficient online education in J&K”, Ishfaq demanded.
He expressed hope that the restoration of high-speed mobile internet will go a long way in easing out the situation not only for the home confined youth in their pursuit of career advancement as also in their academic odyssey but for the business community and vast majority working in the private sector.


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