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With a good Cherry crop Shopian farmers keep fingers crossed for better market rates

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By Mudassir Maqbool

Shopian: Farmers in this district of south Kashmir are relieved as the Cherry crop generated this season is a good quality crop however are keeping fingers crossed for a better market rates to make a better earning. Farmers from Sugan village of Shopian said that there are various reasons of low rate for cherry including lone lifeline highway which was closed mostly this year due to bad whether, landslides and other reasons.

“Cheery loaded vehicles stranded in Highway effects it due to which this fruit didn’t reach markets in appropriate time thus creating problems to garner better rates for crops,” they said.

He added that since no alternative markets are available for farmers it also effects the business.

A Resident from Shopian told INS that since Air Conditioner vehicles are not available for farmers, which would have saved its shine and lifeline the produce ought to be in market in 24 hours of packing.

“Now since highway closures, it has effected the business badly as produces reached late to the market,” they claimed.

They also claimed that cold stores don’t have facilities for them.

Valley Produces four types of Cheery,Makhmali,Mishri Double and Italy.

“Last year Makhmali price was Rs 90 ,Mishri 110,Double 100 and Italy 250 but this season we expect less rates than previous year which is not good sign for farmers and cherry production,” they complained.


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