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Eid-ul-Fitr: Prices of essentials, food items skyrocket, profiteers have a field day

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By Ovais Gull

Srinagar: Days ahead of the Eid-ul-Fitr, the prices of essentials including the food stuff have soared while as the authorities are acting as mute spectators with taking no action in this regard.

The shoppers while talking the INS said that the shopkeepers buying essentials are looting the common people here by selling the goods including the food stuff as per their will.

They said mutton shops across Kashmir are also making hay by selling it at exorbitantly high prices at more than Rs 500 per kilogram, therefore pushing the consumers to bear the brunt by paying more than notified prices of mutton.

A shopper from Old City here said he purchased mutton for Rs 520 per kg following which he approached the concerned officials but nothing was done in this regard.

Overpricing of the essentials by the shopkeepers here is being neglected, thus leaving the common people to lurch at large

The hotline number of CAPD has also been receiving a lot of complaints regarding overpricing of mutton.

They appealed the concerned authorities to look into the matter at an earliest, demanding an end to the overpricing of goods and food stuff.

Director CA&PD, Muhammad Qasim Wani said that they are continuously making surprise checks in the markets and various norm violators have been fined so far.

He added the mutton prices will be fixed after Eid.

Pertinently, Eid-ul-Fitr is being celebrated this week while as the markets in Srinagar especially the commercial hub Lal Chowk wore a festive look as the shoppers thronged to the shops throughout the day to buy essentials.

Witnesses said that the roads in the main market in Srinagar mostly in the business hub Lal Chowk remained flooded with the shoppers while as the vehicles in large number were seen stranded in the gridlock.


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