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Clock Tower Kulgam covered by wires, transformers installed around, locals rue callous approach of district administration

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By Naveed Bhat


Kulgam: Clock tower in Kulgam has been turned into a mini grid station as it has been covered by electric wires all over. Rather than taking care of the landmark the callous approach of the administration has made a ‘cruel joke’ of it.

It was constructed in 2009.

“It took only 1 year to be completed amid lot to pomp and show, but now the Clock Tower of Kulgam is being sarcastically called Grid Station, because 2 transformers are near the Tower and no one can see the tower,” an official in the district administration rued.

The shopkeepers near Ghanta Ghar say that the tower is in dilapidated conditions.

“The clock has stopped functioning long back,” they said.

They also blamed the Government for bringing down the charm of the Clock Tower because PDD department keep two big transformers near it.

“It creates fear among the local people, because no one goes near it,” they said.

Executive Officer of MC Kulgam Manzoor Ahmad said that they had recently held a meeting with DC of Kulgam and with the employees of PDD about this matter.

“Land for these two transformers has been identified and they will be shifted from there,” he said.

“We will also replace all the four clocks of the Clock tower in couple of days,” he added.


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