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Watapora residents decry municipal committee apathy towards piling up garbage

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By Nasir  Khuehami
People here in Watapora Village of bandipora district are all up in arms over heaps of Garabage Lying outside Sub Centre Watapora. People of Watapora village are Angry against Municipal committee bandipora as they have failed in lifting garbage near Sub centre Watapora.
Locals said that Heaps of garbage are lying open on Bandipora –  Sopore road near Sub Centre Watapora as it causes health problems and garbage on the road side is attracting dogs.
According to locals, Municipal Committee Bandipora is not doing anything to shift the heaps of garbage which keep lying near Watapora Sub centre since long. We complained to municipal authorities several times but they don’t seem to be bothered at all, Abdul Rashid of Watapora told INS.
There are no dustbins installed in the area and municipal committee workers are in no mood to carry out their professional work to clean the area.
Another resident Manzoor ahmad told INS that people usually throw away the dust and rubbish of their homes near the Sub centre. The heaps of garbage are haven to stray dogs who have made the life of people miserable.
Residents said that We request the municipal committee bandipora to install a dustbin in the area so that we can pass through the area, but no vail. The Muncipal Committee Bandipora earns huge revenue by way of taxes and fines from the district but in return they couldn’t provide even dustbins, aggreived locals said.
Bandipora has been ignored by all the previous regimes and has become politically orphan since 90’s. Alleging the administration of improper approach towards the village which according to them have resulted in non-development of the area, residents said.
Locals told INS said that authorities had placed Scores of dustbins in its office which were lying unused there. “These dustbins can be installed at different locations. However Repeated Attempts to Concerned official Proving Futile

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