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Satrajan, Kulgam: ‘Only election makes us exist’

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By Naveed Bhat:

A remote area of District Kulgam Satrajan, 30 Kms from main district Kulgam and 4 Kmd from main market KB Pora Kulgam.

The people of Satrajan walk 4 Kms everyday as due to damaged roads, no vehicle runs on that road.

While talking to INS the residents of Satrajan said that when any body falls ill, we take him/ her on our shoulders, walk 4 Kms on damaged road.
In 2006 PDP Govt. Promised us to provide magdamised roads from KB Pora to Satrajan and other areas but as all promises failed so did this one.

“In winters we dont go to Kulgam because road is blocked by snow and the machines are not able to clear this road,” residents claim.

“We couldn’t build Mosque, because how to have material for Mosque. In 2016 we started the work of mosque but after the road was fully damaged we stopped the work,” the mosque still lies incomplete.
The condition of road in Satrajan and it’s adjacent areas like Dard Parin, Shakh Nagni, Avil Gujjar Basti, is appaling and it seems the road has never been magdamised.
These villages use solar lights for lighting in night and wood for making foods.

One more resident of Satrajan told to INS that we have been demanding  hospital from last 10 years , ‘but they do not pay attention towards us.’

“There is no govt. Primary health care . They remember us on the time of elections,” they said.

The village also face portable water problem.

“The water comes  in morning time only and only for 2-3 hours in 24 hours and the rest of 21 hours we are waiting for water,” they claim.

“Here is a famous place namely Zach Marg which is 13 kms away from KB Pora Kulgam and there is a beautiful spring , before some years people from Srinagar came there and enjoy as tourists , but now the road was fully damaged and no one comes there any more,” residents claim.

There is only one school and it was established in December 2004, upgraded in 2008.

“It has only only one room for 5 classes with 3 teachers and the roll of students in this school is above 50,” they said.

The teachers use same class room for office purposes as well.
In summer the teachers take classes in the courtyard of school and in the rainy season the class work is suspended.


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