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With no boundary walls Trajkhal School becomes hub of drug addicts: teachers clear bottles of beer every day; authorities in slumber

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Budgam, July 14: Teachers and parents alike are worried about the safety of students as Government Middle school Trajkhal, Budgam is situated by the road side with no walls. Untoward incident is feared by the villagers alike as the road leads to famous tourist destination Doadpathri and witnesses good rush of transport along it.

Not only are people concerned about the safety of students but ‘since there is no boundary wall’ the place has become ‘favorite place for drug addicts’. Stray dogs as well create panic.

“Every day before the commencement of classwork we are supposed to clean the school premises as number of empty beer tins and cigarette bits are found in the school compound.” One of the teachers at the school confided.

Teachers say that such an exposure of students, especially kids is ‘dangerous’ and ‘the menace could well erupt in students as well’.

“The school is situated between two roads, there is a stream running nearby also. Its callousness on the part of Education department that they are not constructing a boundary wall for the school,” a parent Mohammad Shaban complained. His children read in the same school.

Teachers fear that since the building has become a prime target for drug addicts and anti social elements, ‘there can be burglary any time’.

CEO, Budgam, Ab. Rouf Shahmiri, did not respond to repeated calls and texts of this reporter.



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