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Unidentified knife attacker kills PDP worker’s wife in Hajin Bandipora

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Srinagar: An unidentified attacker carried out a fatal knife attack on a woman after she and her husband, a PDP worker, attempt to prevent him from taking cash and gold ornaments at Shahgund area of Hajin in north Kashmir Bandipora district.
Talking to INS, the PDP worker, Abdul Majeed Dar said that the unidentified attacker entered into his house and took refuge in one of the rooms in the house. “I was working in the field while my wife was busy with house chorus and the attacker had kept my son captive on a gunpoint inside a room,” Dar said, adding, “As I finished the work, I went to offer prayers in a room and soon the attacker put pistol on my back.”
Dar said that the attacker asked him as to why he was associated with the politics. “I said yes I’m associated with the politics for the welfare of people and if anyone in the entire locality says I have done anything wrong, I’m liable then,” Dar said. “Then he said I doubt that you have kept weapons in your wardrobe and on my response that there is nothing of sort in it, he asked for the keys of the wardrobe.”
Later, Dar said that the attacker on opening the wardrobe took Rs 3 lakh cash and started to “take the gold ornaments meant for my daughter.” “There I thought that he was not a Mujahid (militant) but goon and I told him to sit down and return the cash and valuables. As I tried to catch hold of him, he attacked my wife, who had just rushed there, with knife,” Dar said. “Then he escaped and I couldn’t do anything,” he added.
Later the family took the woman, Shakeela ,to the nearby hospital where from she was referred to Srinagar for specialized treatment. However she succumbed to her injuries. A police officer said a case has been registered and further investigation taken up by the police in this regard.


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