Srinagar: Hours after Hizb-ul-Mujahideen statement calling his threat to Hurriyat leaders as “unacceptable”, Zakir Musa dissociated himself from the outfit, saying that he can’t “sacrifice his life for the establishment of a secular state”.
Musa released an audio clip in which he said that he stands by his earlier message.
“After my last audio message, lot of confusion is being spread in Kashmir. I stand by my speech and by my message. It doesn’t bother me what others say, but I stand by my speech. But see I have had not said anything against a particular person or Geelani sahab but I have said only against that individual who is against Islam and talks about freedom for secular state.”
He said if they (militants) were fighting for freedom for secular state, then he thinks that they (militants) were not martyrs.
“I know we have to first fight for freedom and expel Indian army which has occupied us. But our intention should be that we have to achieve ‘azadi’ for Islam, not for secular state. If we are fighting for freedom for secular state then my blood won’t be spilled for that purpose. What I said about hanging was not about Hurriyat leaders but moderates who say after azadi we will make a secular state. Because I know if we get freedom from India then will have to fight those who support secular state.”
Musa said: “So, if Hizbul Mujahideen doesn’t represent me then I also don’t represent them.” CNS


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