Srinagar, Jan 9: While Airport Authority of India said that there will be no fresh bookings till backlog was cleared, instances of have come to fore that airlines are offering fresh tickets at higher rates.
“Airlines are booking fresh tickets from counter for Rs 15000. Not accommodating us in flight today. Instead taking fresh booking for INR 15000. I am sitting near to Air India booking counter inside SXR Airport,” one Amit Singhal said in a tweet.
Responding to him, AAI said the issue was raised with Station Manager of Air India.
“He has clarified that all economy class seats are full. Only a few seats in higher classes at full fare are available. These are also within the fixed cap,” AAI said in a tweet
Singhal had yesterday tweeted that he has an infant who is not well. “High fever, breathing problems. Airline not offering me the alternate option to travel in next available flight for tomorrow,” he had said in the tweet late last night.
Earlier with the improvement in weather, flight operations resumed at Srinagar international airport on Sunday.
“After a full day of snowfall (on Saturday) and no operations, first flight lands at our airport today,” AAI said in a tweet.
Before resumption, the airport authorities cleared thin layer of ice on runway to prevent aircraft from skidding.
Since January 4th, there were 134 flight cancellations at the Srinagar Airport. “134 were cancelled from Srinagar only and 268 to and from Srinagar.”
As reported, while 43 flights were cancelled at Srinagar airport on Saturday, 6 each could not operate on Thursday and Friday. 42 flights were cancelled on Tuesday while many as 37 could not operate on Wednesday.
“The passengers of all those flights are being accommodated now. The new bookings will open after clearing the backlog,” the AAI had said.


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