Pictures By Zargar Zahoor

Srinagar, Nov 29: A first of its kind sports gaming center is now in the city with host of games that the kids and even adults can play under one roof at The Pavilion Gaming Arwna at M A Road City Mall Lal Chowk.

The facility has been established on 4000 square feet by two young entrepreneurs Adnan Shah and Aqib Chaya, offering high end 30 gaming experiences on PC & Console and alternative experiences like Bowling Alley, Acrade Games, Crazy Water, Racing Simulators, and 360 degree Virtual Reality.

The Multi Crore gaming Center has been a dream project of Adnan who had successfully established his name in aperal and fashion industry.
“It was my dream project and finally we have inaugurated it today,” says Adnan.
He thinks the eSports gaming center will help kids arrest boredom from closure of schools and take them off the cellphones.
“For past several years, kids are at home and don’t have school where they would play with other kids. They are now heavily addicted to gaming on cell phones which is a dangerous trend,” says Adnan.
The eSports center , as per Adnan, will help children Involve in physical collaboration, strategic thinking and sportsmanship.
The development of those skills increases kid’s self-confidence, which leads to better academic outcomes.
The Pavilion Gaming Center provides RFID technology based cards to the visitors to play the games. The cards are available from as low as Rs 200 and exciting offers are available at higer denomination cards.
Aqib Chaya, another parther in the venture, who is also a known name in the Valley’s hospitality sector, said this is the first such facility in the Valley which offers plethora of gaming opportunities for the kids
On the inaugural day today, hundreds of the kids along with their parents turned up to enjoy the games. They expressed happiness at such facility which otherwise they would enjoy only outside J&K.


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