Srinagar: Joint Cadre Authority (JCA) meeting likely to take place in December month to consider transfers of the IAS and IPS officers , which is much awaited.


Sources told CTN that Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) likely to call meeting of Joint Cadre Authority in December, in which, transfers of IAS and IPS officers of AGMUT cadre to take place.


The meeting will be attended by all members of the Joint Cadre Authority.


Recently direct posting of AGMUT cadre IAS Officer was done in J&K segment of AGMUT cadre , which will be notion in coming years for coming into UT of J&K or going out.


Joint Cadre Authority came in to picture by All-India Services (Joint Cadre) Rules, 1972 , where they shall apply to a Joint Cadre constituted for any group of States other than the Joint Cadre of Union Territories.


There shall be a Committee consisting of a representative of each of the Governments of the Constituent States, to be called the Joint Cadre Authority.


The Joint Cadre Authority shall determine the names of the members of the All-India Services, who may be required to serve from time to time in connection with the affairs of each of the Constituent States and the period or periods for which their services shall be available to that Government.


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