By Sohail Khan

Jammu: Administration on Tuesday held the last day of trial of the Qazigund-Banihal Tunnel, that will be a major boost to road connectivity of the the two divisions of the Union Territory.

The tunnel was opened for traffic in a controlled manner to put the tunnel to test. Following successful operation of the tubes of the tunnel, it will now be closed for the vehicular movement.

“Today is last day of trial of Qzd-Banihal Express Tunnel,” Jala Chandera told INS.

Chandra said that the tunnel will remain closed and will only open up on formal inaugration.

“It will be thrown open after formal inaugration now, not before that,” he said.

Tunnel is considered one of the big leaps in road connectivity of the Jammu and Kashmir divisins of the Union Territory.

Officials said that state of art machinery and men with expertise were involved in making this project a success.

Sources told INS that it is such a vital project and with such importance in road connectivity, that Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi might himself come to deliver it to public.



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