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Chief Secretary To Head UMTAs For Metropolitan Regions Of Jammu And Srinagar

By INS Desk , in Events , at February 19, 2021

Srinagar, Feb 19: Government on Friday ordered establishment of Unified Metropolitan Transport Authorities (UMTAs) for metropolitan regions of Jammu and Srinagar.

UTMAs have been established under Section 16A(1) of Jammu and Kashmir Metropolitan Region Development Authority Act, 2018, according to an order by the government.

With Chief Secretary Jammu and Kashmir as its chairman, the 22-member UTMAs include two experts in the field of urban transport to be nominated by the government.

The terms of reference of UMTAs in their respective Metropolitan Regions includes among others to secure development of an integrated, efficient, modern, multimodal mobility system including non-motorized means of mobility with focus on movement of people and goods instead of vehicles for the area falling in the jurisdiction of the Metropolitan Region Development Authority of which it is a part, and to undertake all such activities as are necessary or incidental in achieving this object.

UTMAs are also tasked to prepare a strategic plan document to be called as Mobility Management Plan through such internal or external consultations as deemed necessary or expedient for developing an integrated, efficient, modern and multi-modal mobility system,

Terms of reference also includes to formulate a policy for guiding the approach for developing the transport system in the region(s); to identify sources of finance for the development of transport infrastructure; to identify need and finalize regulatory mechanism(s) to regulate integratmn between different modes, safety, fares, interoperability, and other allied aspects; to identify interventions in terms of infrastructure and amenities required to be made to achieve the object; and to promote research and development on mobility, and capacity building for upgrading skills of stakeholders.



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