Opening of liquor shops, cinemas in Kashmir attack on religion: IF

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Srinagar: Condemening the administration’s move to open liquor shops and cinema(s), Islamic Fraternity (IF) has asked the people of Valley to halt such moves with tooth and nail as “it is a direct attack on the religious identity and freedom of the people.” IF president Muhammad Aamir said that the administration want to harm the social bonding of a modest society like Kashmir. He further said that the administration want to turn the morally peaceful society of Kashmir into a corrupt one as is the condition of their own states in the erstwhile parts of India where no women, young or old, local or foreigner is safe & it is actually a moral degradation. He further went on to say Liquor is the “MOTHER OF ALL EVILS”. ISLAMIC FRATERNITY President cautioned people that the undercover sale of drugs and liquors is a well-hatched conspiracy of anti-Islam, anti-Muslim and anti-youth agencies who want to further widen their web of criminal activities and want to detach the Kashmiri youth from their Islamic roots. That is why when anybody wants to raise its voice against this Drug Mafia, they are victimized one or the other way of which Nighat Bashir of North Kashmir is a recent example, who when tried to raise her voice against these criminals,she was threatened in a broad day light.
Advising those who are involved in this well planned conspiracy within the society, Islamic Fraternity advised them to fear the wrath of ALLAH swt and don’t support this conspiracy, Or else the time will come, when their own progeny will be morally destroyed by the same plot of which they are a part now & they will curse us for not raising voice against this conspiracy when there was still time for that.
In a special appeal to the youth of kashmir, President of IF Mr Aamir said, “Nevertheless how many conspiracies are hatched and no matter how strongly they try to drag you into this dirty game, if we remain steadfast on our religious faith no conspiracy will affect us.’’


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