Bifurcation of Civil Secretariat fraught with ‘perilous consequences’: JKAP

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Srinagar, June 18: Jammu and Kashmir Apni Party (JKAP) on Thursday termed the government decision of creating two functioning secretariats instead of full Darbar Move from Jammu to Srinagar a deliberate attempt to create administrative anarchy in Jammu and Kashmir.
In a statement issued here, the party said the decision reflects that the government is more inclined to keep a section of officers and employees in good humour rather than working for the welfare and interests of the people of both the regions of J&K.
“Retaining half of the administrative departments in Jammu civil secretariat and shifting few departments to Srinagar capital that too after a huge delay, is a cruel joke with the people of J&K. This decision is not only bound to create chaos and confusion among the people but will also lead to anarchy within the administration,” it observed, while demanding immediate withdrawal of this order.
The JKAP leader remarked that it seems the present dispensation in J&K is hell-bent to create a deep wedge between the people of two regions by playing a measured mischief with the apparatus of the governance in J&K.
“While the temporary deferment of the scheduled Darbar Move from Jammu to Srinagar was understandable because of the COVID crisis, but bifurcation of the administrative departments this year reflects some nefarious designs being implemented which will prove detrimental not only to the interests of people of J&K but to the whole of the country,” it cautioned.
The party said the Lieutenant Governor G.C Murmu should come clear on the rationale behind this decision. Mir observed that on the face of it, this decision seems not fulfilling any of the interests of the people except for keeping a section of the officers working in the civil secretariat happy.
“The government should explain to the people whether the bifurcation of administrative departments would be a permanent feature of annual Darbar Move henceforth or it is a one-time order for this year taken under the garb of reducing the financial implications involved in shifting of Darbar from one capital to another,” it asked.
The party said that apparently this decision has been taken on the intervention of some oblivious characters who because of their unmindful and narrow considerations do not want peace to prevail in J&K especially in Kashmir valley.
“The delay in Darbar Move to Srinagar has already increased the psychological gap between the people of two regions and has added to the woes of people in Kashmir who feel deserted by the present dispensation. Now the bifurcation order has come as a shocker for the people who see perilous intentions behind this move. The government must come clean on this issue and remove ambiguities on loyalties in its functioning,” it demanded.
The party said the practice of moving the seat of governance including the civil secretariat between Srinagar-Jammu and vice versa involves emotional and political sensitivities in Jammu and Kashmir. “This age-old practice of shifting government offices between the two Capitals would ensure the equitable socio-political empowerment of the people. Now it will be gross injustice with the people of both regions if they are handed over to an incapacitated seat of governance,” it added.


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