ACTF starts new campaign for unemployment Dental doctors for J&K region

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Srinagar: Dental surgeons are the integral part of allopathic medicine in India But due to current Pandemic situation they are notable to serve the nation. Due to which not only dental Fraternity and their employed assistant but also the patients are suffering.
Dental pain is considered as worst as Labour pain and due to current situation their health is also at stake.
Both DSAI and ACTF are bound for the betterment of the nation and if these issues are not considered so on then we will have worst situation in coming days.
Nationwide lockdown was announced on 22nd march and since then the Dental clinics are closed. What is the reason that Dental clinics are closed and other health services are active the reason to it is the production of aerosol which is the most significant cause of corona spread. 80% dental treatment produce aerosol during the treatment hence danger of spread is much higher as compare to other field of medicine
DSAI started a petition to provide honorary jobs/Bailout package for affected Dentist on 20th April 2020 to which is already signed by more than 8500 Dentists. They accessed the ground situation and took action at appropriate time. Which include writing letters to concerning authorities like PMO, DCI, HEALTH MINISTER etc. DSAI also consumed public interest lawyer Mr. Prashant bhushan to understand how can legal system help to save the interest of Dental surgeons of India. A joint press conference by ACTF National Convener Dr. Krishan Jha & Chief PRO Dr Piyush Singh , Dr. Robin Malik, national secretary DSAI Dr.Jatin Aneja National President Dental Students Welfare Association of India (DSWAI and Dr. Shailendra Tomar, PRO DSAI who are member of anticorona task force are working day and night to serve the nation have informed for this digital drive. Situation in J&K is worse.


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