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Govt: ‘Finalizing’ Arrangements For Return By Train Of People Stranded At ‘Far Off Places’

By INS Desk , in Regional , at May 8, 2020

Srinagar: The government on Friday said that arrangements are be finalized with sending states and railway authorities for facilitating return of people from Jammu and Kashmir stranded “at far off places” by train.
“Trains to be organized for people stranded at far off places. Arrangements being finalised with sending states and railway authorities. All those have registered will be facilitated,” Rohit Kansal, Principal Secretary Information Department, said in a tweet.
After the announcement made by the MHA on 29 April of allowing movement of stranded persons with certain conditions, the Government issued a SOP next day.
As per a statement, J&K Government has collected details of stranded persons who wish to return to Jammu and Kashmir by providing web links for registration. Arrangements are being made for their arrival in an orderly manner while adhering to the norms of social distancing and undertaking testing so as to ensure that timely action is taken to prevent any spread of Covid-19 in J&K, the statement reads.
“These trains will start arriving shortly; necessary coordination with the sending states as also with the Railway authorities going on. Nobody should move in a hurry without passes issued with the consent of J&K Government. Else will be quarantined for 21 days in Kathua,” it said.
The Government has decided to bear the cost of tickets and as such the returnees will not need to make any payments for their return journey by train.
“Return of stranded people picks up pace. Nearly 2800 arrived yesterday via Lakhanpur. Over 3000 students, labourers, others from (Punjab), (Himachal Pradesh), (Chandigarh), (Haryana), (Uttarakhand) expected today. Total number of returnees now over 33000. THANK YOU all for your patience and cooperation,” Kansal, who is also government spokesman, said in another tweet.
The government said that it has taken umpteen measures for controlling the spread of Covid-19 with frontline workers working untiringly.
“In this backdrop, it is necessary that the return is managed such that these efforts do not get adversely affected. The Government reassures all the stranded persons of J&K that it is taking every possible step for their early return to their homes.”
The Government is fully aware of the details of the stranded persons of J&K at various places across the country, not only through the web links started by the Government of J&K but also from the data shared by the sending States/UTs, the statement said.
“Immediately on finalization of arrangements, they shall be notified about the issuance of passes and travel details. In case any difficulties are being faced at the current place of their stay, they may contact the helpline numbers that have been publicized by the Government so that they are facilitated,” the government said, adding, “It is reiterated that nobody should move in a hurry without express approval of the J&K Government as such persons will be quarantined for 21 days in Kathua.”



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