Somebody should tell us what’s happening: Mehbooba; ‘APM At 6PM’

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Srinagar: Former Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti on Monday said that an all party meeting comprising her party, National Conference and others will take place at her residence in Srinagar at 1800 hours to discuss to discuss the deployment of additional troops in Kashmir and other recent developments causing panic in Kashmir.
“70 years ago we joined hands with such a big country. It was considered decision but today what is being meted to us will have serious repercussions for entire country and south Asia,” Mehbooba Told reporters here.
“It is very important that the mainstream parties and I even say that trade unions, religious bodies, civil societies, separatists and others to tell India that what you are going to do will have serious repercussions which may not be immediate but in future and would be so dangerous that it will not only impact J&K or country but entire south Asia,” he said.
She said Omar Abdullah is expected to participate in the APM scheduled at her residence today at 6pm.
“We had made an effort to tell the people of this country and government what the consequences could be if they toy with Articles 35A and 370. We made an appeal too, but no assurance has been given yet from Centre. They are not bothered to say that everything will be alright,” Mufti said.
“Somebody should tell us what is happening. We will sit together, if permitted to so do, and decide what should be our response.”


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