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All for daughters marriage destroyed, says father, as cross LOC shelling pound Tanghdhar

By INS Correspondent , in Regional , at August 3, 2019

By Tasaduq Hussain


Kupwara: The cross Line of Control shelling between India and Pakistan has devastated dreams of a father for his two daughter’s marriage. A shell landed on their house destroyed his belonging including what he had accumulated for his daughters marriage.

Tragedy befell Mohammad Shafiq, in Bakayain area of Tangdhar, along the fence that divides Valley in two parts.

Shafiq is bewildered by the loss and had almost finalized all the arrangements to solemnize the marriage of his two daughters, Tabasum and Uzma, next month.

On Tuesday Shafiq left home with his family to a safer place when cross LOC firing erupted, only to return to a damaged house.

(Shafiq while consoling his daughters)


He returned on Wednesday to find a trail of destruction. Mortars had landed on his house.

“Almost lost all the essentials including, Gold, copper, Bridal clothes, and other items collected prior marriage were completely gutted and destroyed,” Shafiq told INS with moist eyes.

Several mortar shells pounded his property leaving a trail of destruction, of dreams as well.

What was lost in moments, Shafiq sighed, was a collection of a lifetime.

“There is nothing left for survival,” he insisted.

Shafiq blamed both the armies of ‘no restraints’ of which the ultimate cost is paid by ‘civilians’.

“It rained ashes as earth shook. Only a father knows what actually the explosion ripped apart,” he sighed.

Shafiq’s brothers are serving in CRPF and in JAKLAI unit of Army and are posted outside the state.

“Only shards of dreams, I had hoped, my daughters had,  I collected,” he said.

Shafiq, with moist eyes said that he wants the conflict between the two end once and for all and let people live in peace and no such horror comes to haunt them again.

He appealed Prime Ministers of both the countries to ‘shun aggressive mood’ and ‘think about the people’.




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