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Hujjaj in Azizya facing problems, accuse JK Hajj authorities of failing them

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by Suhail Khan

Srinagar: Pilgrims on Hajj from valley are facing difficulties in the Makkah and are accusing Hajj committee of lackadaisical approach towards their problems.

A pilgrim on holy journey Ghulam Qadir from old city told INS from Mecca that the Khuddam’s sent by the Hajj Committee with them are missing due to which they are facing hardships every day.

“We have to deal with issues that a Khuddam would do and a lot of difficulty is faced by us as we cannot communicate with authorities here in Arabic,” he said.

Not only are the Khuddam’s missing but pilgrims claimed that their hotels in Aziziya Makkah are without basic facilities.

“There is no proper electricity, no Air Conditioners and in such a hot temperature the Hajj committee has failed us at every step here,” he said.

Hajj officer Mohammad Maqbool told INS that government has increased the ratio of pilgrims against Khuddam that might have triggered the problems.

“Earlier it was one Khuddam to 200 Hajis now it has been increased to 350 to one Khuddam. That has created troubles their. We have urged our Khuddams to give priority to elderly and sick Hajis,” Maqbool said.



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