Sadhna Top: Professors apologised for students who assaulted cop, event wrongly reported says Army, refutes allegation of misbehavior

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Srinagar: Army on Saturday refuted allegations that it’s men misbehaved with any professor or students at Sadhna Top.

Spokesman of the Army said that since the area is prone to drugs and arms smuggling, checking is a routine in the area.

Explaining the whole event, which is videographed as well, Army said that two buses were there at 15th serial for the screening and soldiers  brought them forward so they could be left early but were required to get the baggage checked.

“Professors were discussing the matter with OC when police rep tried to seize a mobile from a student who was making a video possibly of the installation. Students assaulted him. Own soldiers rescued him (sic),” spokesman said.

Professors later apologised for the misbehavior of the students with the uniformed men.

“After Xg the pass, students stopped and raised sloganspossibly, same has been uploaded on Facebook and maybe wrongly has been reported to the press (sic),” he confided.

According to Army baggages are checked as Tangdhar has a ‘few smugglers who move firearms, drugs.’

“We just recovered two AKs from along the LC there a few days ago. Drugs mov is being checked. We checked, incident is wrongly reported,” he said.

Students of Government degree college Tangdhar had alleged that army personnel had slapped a professor and misbehaved with students at Sadhna top when they were on excursion. They had protested as well.

Army has said that the whole event has been reported wrongly and stands rebutted.


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