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Zampi Kadal vacant land rapidly turns into another Achan

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By Ovais Gull

Srinagar: The inhabitants of Zampi Kadal Chattabal are up in arms against the Srinagar Municipal Corporation for failing to prevent the vacant land from turning into garbage dumping site.

The residents here have demanded to clear up the landfill site for the larger interests of the people.

A delegation comprising of locals from Zampi Kadal Chattabal said that the vacant land has turned into a dumping site and has been the reason for health problems due to the foul smell emanating from it.

The land which is nearer to the Himayat centre is rapidly turning into the garbage dumping site with the negligence of authorities as no action has been taken to clear up the land.

The residents while talking to The INS said that they have approached many officials in this regard but nothing has been done in this regard. “We have been continuously pleading to the municipal authorities to remove garbage from the vacant area, but no action has been taken in this regard.”

The residents alleged that garbage could be seen accumulated in the middle of the road at Chattabal near Himayat centre.

“The presence of garbage in the vacant land is causing grave threats to our lives as foul smell pervades in the atmosphere. The site has turned to be a shelter for dozens of canines too. The height of fear is that even the kids do not dare to walk,” said Ghulam Muhammad Dar, a local resident of the locality.

“Heaps of garbage that has piled up on the roadside near the vacant road of Chattabal is breeding insects and can be cause of diseases,” residents said.

They said that the dirt and garbage stinks and has already spread infection but no one from the administration is paying heed to our difficulties, which causes immense hardships to them, adding, “The authorities have assured us several times but they failed to make their promise till date.”

Another resident said the district administration and Municipal authorities of Srinagar are not even going for antiseptic sprays like phenyl to avoid spread of diseases thereby leaving the people especially the residents here to suffer.

He said that the dirt and rubble that had settled down after the water receded was not immediately removed from the streets of the town and now it emanates puffs of dust.

Officials however said that to clear and sanitize the land is already into the consideration and work over it will be started soon.


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