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Woman delivers baby en route to hospital, was denied ambulance in Kalaroose

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By Tasaduq Hussain

Kupwara: A women from Mohri Kalaroose delivered baby half way to kupwara hospital after she was denied treatment and ambulance by hospital authorities at Kalaroose.
Husband of the lady, Mohammad Shafi, said: “I took her to Kalroose Hospital, a doctor who treated upon her asked me to take her to Kupwara as they didn’t had any facility available to carry medical tests.”
According to Shafi there was no Ambulance there and said that he was asked to hire a cab.
“Ambulance was there but didn’t allowed me to board in that,” he said.
Shafi said that due to sheer negligance of authorities the lady delivered baby half way to Kupwara.
“We returned back to kalaroose hospital and asked nurse there for necessary medical help which they earlier denied,” Shafi narrated. ”
The new born had passed away when they arrived at the hospital.
“Had the hospital authorities treated my wife they could have saved my baby and saved my wife from the pain she went through,” he said.


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