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Please correct time at Clock Tower Lal Chowk: Mayor says ‘have written to tourism deptt, will try to take it in SMC’s domain’

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By Ovais Gull

Srinagar: Just a year and half after the authorities installed four new clocks on the popular ‘Ganta Ghar’ (Clock Tower) in the business hub Lal Chowk, the authorities have miserably failed to maintain the significance of the tower and also to ensure correct time on the clocks.

It was in September 2017, when the authorities concerned installed four new clocks of the four sides of the tower but that seems only an eye-wash as the authorities failed to maintain it and set the correct time in the clocks.

A businessman, Sameer Ahmad while talking to INS said that the authorities have always ignored this clock tower. “The correct time on the clocks of Ganta Ghar could hardly be seen. The Clock tower has its significance but the official apathy is the only reason that it is losing its significance,” he said.

Another trader of the commercial hub Lal chowk said that the four clocks installed on the tower are stuck since long but nobody is paying heed to it.

The tourism players termed it as non-seriousness of the authorities.

Travel Agents Association of Kashmir (TAAK) General Secretary, Farooq Ahmad Kuthoo told INS that “Lal Chowk is the face of Srinagar and the condition of prominent Ganta Ghar gives a bad signal to the tourists who visit here.”

“Several tourists have asked us so far about the incorrect time on Clock tower following which we approached to the higher ups but out pleas went into deaf ears,” he said, adding that it indicates the non-seriousness of the authorities.

He added that the Smart City is in making, therefore the authorities must keep eye on such kind of things so that the Srinagar can be turned best where tourists would love to visit.

A senior official in the tourism department told INS that they have already taken notice of the matter and will set the correct time on all the clocks soon.

Srinagar Municipal Corporation (SMC) Mayor, Junaid Azim Matoo told INS that he has written to the tourism department a month ago in this regard but they didn’t respond.

However, he said that he will look into it he will try to take this in to SMC’s domain so that it will be maintained by the SMC in future.

“We will try to make sure that it functions properly from now onwards,” Matoo added. 


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