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Ganderbal residents lock receiving station, demand adequate electricity

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By Mir Showkat


Ganderbal: Residents of Umar Haer Bachpora have locked the electricity receiving station in their locality alleging the the department is not providing them the adequate and as promised electricity.

Residents said that many times they told the officials that they should follow the schedule they have informed people about but ‘even then they do not supply electricity’. 

“There is continuous hide and seek of electricity. They are not even providing us electricity for three hours a day,” locals said.

According to eyewitnesses, locals went to the receiving station and asked all the officials to vacate.

“They locked the gates and demanded they be provided electricity which deems the department fit to come and demand payments of bills,” they said.

Chief Engineer PDD Hashmat Qazi told INS that there is problem at the root level and as the the water bodies don’t have enough water and the remaining is in frozen condition the electricity generated is low.

“The stations that feed the area are under tremendous load and such issues will remain till february. People will have to bear with us,” Qazi said.


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