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Pulwama: Brothers launch Bio-Lab in 2014, say, they have successfully become their own bosses

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By Mudasir Maqbool


Pulwama: With little hope’s in getting government jobs two brohters in Murran area of Pulwama have set up a soil testing laboratory and claim success in ‘becoming their own bosses’. 

Bilal Ahmed shiekh 37 did his Masters from Kashmir University with B.E.D and DCA , while his brother Munir Ahmad holds MSc Biotechnology B.E.D and DCA educated degrees.

Talking to INS Bilal ahmad said that after searching Government jobs ‘which is impossible in present times where competition and corruption has led to neglected middle class people’.

They named their lab as ‘Agro Bio Chemical Research Laboratory’.

“After staying disturbed for some time and in search of government job we closed that chapter and decided to have our own set up and be our own bosses,” Bilal said, adding that they launched their own soil testing labortory in 2014.

It has not only benefited them but whole area which is providing them a good livelihood, they claim.

“We begun soil testing from our own land  and adopted technical farming which benefited us a lot. Now people from other areas are coming with samples demanding tests be conducted in their orchard. Today we have become  famous name in whole area,” Bilal claims, The fees for soil testing he says in Rs 500 only.

The duo said that with positive work, they joined hands with Krishi Vigyan Kendra who have helped them in ‘technical’ ways.

As success came coming to brothers they have now took it a step further to make ‘domestic fertilizer with the help of animal scales, bad fruit, banana leaf,  green leafs other worm insects.

The duo claim that the target they had set up for themselves was achieved in a year only and today they are selling the domestic fertilizer brand successfully in market. “We have sold 300 bags uptill now at the per bag cost Rs 600.  Vigyan Kendre)and the Department of Agriculture helps them technically to make sucessful this work.

The success of brohters has led to its effects as well, two more of their family members are ready to join them and expand the project.


“I was offere  contractual job last year  I refused as i am satisfied with my work and would urge educated youths in valley to not loose hope but think positively ans assess as to how they wont be ohters work force but would generate employment for others as well,” he said.


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