Sunday, January 17, 2021
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CSFK demands implementation of newly drafted Anti Drug Abuse policy in J&K State.

By INS Correspondent , in Press Releases , at November 29, 2018

Srinagar: J&K State continues to be one of the worst hit states by drug abuse at an alarming rate. Thousands of youth have got involved in drug abuse across J&K state. The situation is really alarming if concrete steps are not even taken now.

The disaster of the productive population of our state is certain. A ray of hope has come when newly appointed Chief secretary showed keen interest to resolve this problem and instructed experts to formulate a comprehensive policy to counter drug abuse in J&K State. As of now policy stands formulated to the best of available resource of our state and society, but implementation remains to be the major concern as in past also many such policies were formulated but eventually could not be implemented.

The policy framed as on date is very comprehensive and drafted on modern scientific lines. Controlling Drug Abuse in J&K State would be one of the greatest achievements of the present regime of Government and a great relief to the people of J&K State.

CSFK once again appeals to the Chief Secretary J&K State and other concerned authorities to immediately ensure implementation of Anti Drug Abuse policy to safeguard thousands of youths from this destructive evil.



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