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Fearing challan, passenger vehicles drop passengers ahead of apt place

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By Owais Gul

Srinagar: As the traffic police officials were challaning the norm violators today at Magarmal Bagh here, the passenger vehicles on Saturday dropped the passengers ahead of the assigned place here, thus leaving the passengers to face hardships.

The passengers told INS that the passenger vehicles dropped them ahead of assigned places as the drivers were driving the vehicle without proper documents.

Traffic police Srinagar had started a drive today at Magarmal Bagh to check the documents of the vehicles but a unique scene was witnessed today as per passengers who claim that somebody had informed the drivers that the department is challaning the norm violators.

The passenger cab drivers had told the passengers that at least 30 cabs have been seized by the department since this morning and they are not moving ahead today to ensure their vehicle is not seized.

“We were forced to walk a long distance today as the cab drivers dropped us ahead of the appropriate place,” they said, adding that the checking of documents must be intensified so that the drivers would ensure full documents and the passengers wouldn’t face hardships.

However, the passengers informed that the drivers claimed that traffic police officials are asking for money to them after their documents are being checked.

Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Traffic Srinagar City, Tahir Geelani admitted that several vehicles were challaned, saying that he has not the exact number so far but can share it later in the evening.

However, he refuted the allegations levelled against the traffic cops regarding asking for money, saying that due to incomplete documents, the vehicles are being challaned and nobody is taking money from them, therefore the allegations levelled are ‘baseless’.


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