Trump turns down India’s invitation for Republic day celebrations

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US President Donald Trump has declined India’s invitation to be the chief guest during the Republic Day Parade .This comes at a time when relations between the two countries are not healthy and this could be seen as a low point in India -US ties  reports India Today TV.

The US had recently issued warning against India if  it goes ahead with the signing of S-400 missile system deal with Russia.India signed the deal for five such systems when Russian President Vladimir Putin visited India earlier this month.

Besides this,the Trump administration has been threatening India with sanctions if it continues to procure oil from Iran.However,India continues to import oil from Iran.

Trump has turned down the invitation as the President has other pressing engagements on the same date.President Trump has to deliver the state of the union(SOTU)address and its timing clashes with the Republic day celebrations as per reports.

However,in 2015, former US President Barack Obama came to India twice and also attended the Republic  Day celebrations on his second visit,despite the SOTU  address falling in January every year.



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