‘SPOs are an important organ of police’

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Srinagar: SPOs are an important organ of police force and they are doing multifarious duties along with other police personnel, police said.
“They (SPOs) are doing multifarious duties along with other police personnel and the department is taking due care of their welfare. Like other police personnel they are provided financial assistance and relief in the time of need,” reads a statement issued by police Headquarter J&K enumerating details of welfare of its personnel and their families.
“Different welfare schemes have been introduced from time to time to assist the serving and retired personnel in need. Initiatives have been taken to provide succour to the families of martyrs and SPOs also”.
During the year 2018 till date, it said, Rs 14.76 crore were sanctioned as special welfare relief to 97 deceased personnel, welfare relief to 34 serving personnel, 95 personnel injured during law & order duties and NOKs of slain policemen. “Besides this, Ex-gratia of Rs 3.56 crore was sanctioned during the period for police martyrs, CAPF personnel and injured personnel. The amount is granted out of Central Police Welfare Fund.”
Under a scheme scholarships are granted to the wards of police personnel with the aim to promote their education and more than Rs 71.76 lakh was granted in favour of policemen, SPOs, deceased /serving personnel during the period.
“Under free ship scheme uniforms, stationery, boarding and lodging is provided to wards of martyrs at Police Public School in State. Scholarships and Special rewards are granted to the meritorious wards of serving personnel under the scheme.”
During the year 2018 till date over 1.67 crore was sanctioned for the welfare of SPOs under different schemes. Special relief was granted to the NOKs of 56 deceased SPOs and medical relief was provided to 10 needy SPOs. “Ex-gratia relief of Rs 16.0 lakh was granted to the NOks of five SPOs who attained martyrdom. 20 SPOs who were injured during law & order duties, were provided relief of rupees 3.51 lakh during the period.”
During the year 2018 till date Rs 3.15 crore were sanctioned as a retirement gift to 525 officers/officials and Rs 5.59 crore were sanctioned to 573 police personnel as a welfare loan / relief. Rs.28,35,38,806/- was allotted for about two dozen welfare schemes in vogue upto October 2018.


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