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Google People

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The natural progression in one’s life is whether learning has taken place. Also, if one is able to manipulate it to the best of his ability writes, Farhana Rakshand

People are in sync with all the information available on internet today. Thanks to those who made it easy for us that everything is on our fingertips in no time.

This has resulted in a lot of awareness about any topical matter or idea among the masses. This enhanced awareness has given rise to a new kind of league of people who are equipped with all sorts of information and knowledge. One of my friends rightly said once, “You can find everything, as small as a world, on Google, except God”.

It is quite an amazing discovery and a modern marvel. Whether it is a job search or a healthy diet plan, the internet provides answers to all kinds of questions.

There is no denying that sudden change in the mindset of people has really brought some change in our environment. Now whether we fall sick or we are stuck with any problem we know that Google Search is must before we actually meet the real doctor or the person who can help us with the solution.. For example, if we are curious about anybody’s personal life, we can simply check their Facebook page and her/his personal life is no more personal. However, everything depends on whether the person chooses to reveal personal things online or not (through professional sites like LinkedIn or things related to her/his personal life via Facebook.

In social discussions we cannot judge somebody based on his/her erudite responses. Earlier, people who were well read or could turn any discussion into an erudite one would become popular. Now, everyone is a Doctor and can treat you and can give you solutions for any disease/issues.

Life has become mechanical and we have become like robots. We do not see many true human beings with a sharp intellect anymore. People will become better human beings only when they are skillful and capable of using one’s own faculty of reasoning, and can understand objectively and subjectively.

One can always acquire knowledge, but the natural capability to be creative is worth her/his salt.

The natural progression in one’s life is whether learning has taken place. Also, if one is able to manipulate it to the best of his ability.


Just fetching information from a source and passing it on to others does not make a person intelligent or intellectual. Such a person is just a facilitator who has ability to retain data and transfer it to another person. We have much more ability than that. We can creatively process the information we have at our disposal and give a new shape to it which would prove actually beneficial, not only to ourselves but also to others.

For example, our power of imagination should have a flavor of sweetness, vigor, insight, and beauty. This can be possible only if we do not put ourselves at a pedestal thinking that we are larger than life creation. Creativity is born when we are in a neutral state. We should add some value to the lives of others without overtly displaying ourselves as intellectuals. Being informed and utilizing our knowledge for the benefit and cause for the mankind will truly work wonders for everyone. Our brilliance would then shine and over shadow our egos.

The easy availability of information has proved beneficial. At the same time, the fact that we have all that information at our disposal has made us arrogant as well. This arrogance sometimes reflects in our social life too. As an ego trip, people are constantly gathering information to display it to their audience and feel they are more informed than others. Whether they learn a foreign language or a new recipe from Google, all they want to showcase that they are talented. In time before Google, people did not require to prove themselves for self-validation. They would seek out people for conversation and perspective. If you were comfortable in making small talk, without any motive, then you were liked and welcomed everywhere. You did not need Google to affirm it.

Let us hope we become more human than mere facilitators and coexist with people around us without displaying our false and bloated egos.

(The author is a Bengaluru based corporate trainer in English & French languages)


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