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For phones search engine giant to provide new interface for ‘Google Assistant’

By INS Correspondent , in Business & Economy , at October 4, 2018

Srinagar: Revamping its “Assistant” virtual helper Google is set to provide with a new interface on Android devices with bigger visuals, new control options and interactive messaging along with other new features and would provide developers and brands new tools to utilise touchscreen within “Assistant” itself, Bussiness Standard reported.

“The new design combines the best of text and talk on your phone, giving you the relevant information right when you need it. Using ‘Assistant’ now you can interact with images, sliders and buttons to get the help you need in a fraction of the time,” Manuel Bronstein, Vice President of Product, Google Assistant, wrote in a blog-post on Wednesday, BS quoted IANS in its report.

The report said that it has not been specified when would the update be available for both, iOS and Android, globally.

“Google Assistant” was introduced by Google two years ago to allow users to interact with their devices using voice, touch and now, even with the combination of the two.



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