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Govt Middle School Nandi Marg awaits upgradation since 1960

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Kulgam,14 July: Constructed in 1960 with seven kanals of land  Govt. Middle school at Nandi Marg Damhal Hanjipora of Kulgam district awaits official sympathy to be upgraded and reconstructed. The building is in shambles posing threat to almost 200 students on rolls.

Despite visiting the place thrice and promising a new building MLA Noorabad Abdul Majeed Padder’s promises proved to be hoax. School keeps running from a building in despicable conditions.

“Officials of the department and government functionaries all only exist on papers and have no sympathy for public grievances,” rued a teacher at the school.

According to teachers at the school they are afraid that in bad weather conditions its roof may crumble upon ‘all of them’.

“Its cracking and only a matter of time that it comes crashing down,” they told INS.

They also claim that many students dropped out of school fearing for their life.

Building for the school remains as constructed in 1960 and since no reconstruction and upgradation of infrastructure has been done.

“If weather is rough we do cancel classes,” they claimed.

Not only has the school been at the receiving end from its own department who made claims that they have made targets to improve infrastructure of schools but also to the elected representatives.

“MLA padder came to this place and visited the school thrice and promised he will reconstruct the school however he needed votes. Nothing has been done and they won’t. Only God Knows how they claim to speak for people when they have ditched them always,” they claimed.

Chief Education Officer Mr Sagyal Kulgam told INS that they have put up a proposal for the construction of the new building for the school.

“We will construct the new building for them as soon as possible,” he promised.


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