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Ousted wireless operators engaged at honorarium of Rs 25,000 per month

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Srinagar: The State government on Monday accorded sanction to the creation of 151 positions of ‘Wireless Assistants’ at the monthly honorarium of Rs. 25,000 “as one time relaxation” to absorb the ousted wireless operators.
According to an order issued here, the sanction of accord would be subject to the condition that Police Headquarter, J&K shall freeze recruitment against equal number of posts of Wireless Operators as shall become available on vacation of posts by present incumbents on retirement, promotion, etc. Consequent upon it, sanction has been accorded to the engagement of 151 ousted wireless operators with immediate effect.
As per the order, the “Wireless Assistants” shall be entitled to a fixed honorarium of Rs.25000 per month; they shall be eligible for regularization after completing 10 years of continuous working. “For the purposes of the regularization, the past regular service rendered in the Police Department, will be counted.”
They shall be considered for regularization against available commensurate positions and shall be called “Wireless Operators”. The number of posts as may be required for their regularization shall be utilized from the “constable (operator)” posts, the order said. “In the event of non-availability of the posts of Constable (operators), the posts of “Wireless operators”, as may be required for their regularization shall be deemed to have been created.
The Wireless Operators shall be entitled to an annual hike of 3% on higher consolidated remuneration on the last day of a calendar year with effect from 1st January, of the following year. Regarding Terminal benefits, the government ordered that a “Wireless Operator” shall be covered under NPS alongwith the Employer’s Share to be contributed by the Government. They shall also be entitled to Leave and Medical Reimbursement benefits etc as are admissible to a Class-IV employee. For the purposes of conduct, discipline and appeal, a “Wireless Operator” shall be regulated in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Jammu and Kashmir Civil Services (Employees) Conduct Rules, 1979 and Jammu & Kashmir Civil Services (Classification, Control & Appeal) Rules 1956. About promotion, the government said that issues related to the career progression of “Wireless Operators” shall be worked out separately.


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