Govt issues clarification regarding applicability of CDS guidelines

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Srinagar: Following the imposition of Governor’s Rule in the State clarifications have been sought by various quarters about the applicability of CDS Guidelines.

The Planning Department has examined the matter and instructions have been issued to all Deputy Commissioners as below: (i) the execution of all ongoing works shall continue and be completed as per the fixed time lines and payments released to the executing agencies thereafter;

(ii) proposal in respect of which either administrative approval has been accorded or detailed estimates have been prepared but the work has not so far commenced shall be executed expeditiously, after accord of administrative approval wherever required and fulfilment of prescribed formalities;

(iii) under the extant Guidelines of the Constituency Development Scheme for Legislators in the State, such works as were identified prior to the placement of the State under the Governor’s Rule but wherein estimates for the work have not so far been prepared or authorized shall also be considered for grant of approval by the designated authorities and executed timely by the concerned executing agency.

Detailed guidelines related to the above decisions have been issued for strict adherence to all DDCs have been further advised to personally monitor the pace and execution of all works and ensure their completion without any cost or time over runs in the larger public interest.  For this purpose, DDCs will intensify their field visits and public outreach programmes.

At the Secretariat level, the Planning Development & Monitoring Department will undertake regular review of these works including their physical checking on ground, and furnish report to the Governor.






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