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Back-door, Illegal appointments In MC Ganderbal : Saloora

By INS Correspondent , in Press Releases , at April 16, 2018

Ganderbal:- Ganderbal Awami Insaf Party (AIP) Patron Sheikh Ghulam Ahmad Saloora here on today said that Back-Door and illegal appointments by former Executives officers in Municipal Committee Ganderbal have pushed Ganderbal educated youth’s to the wall and they give to benefit their relatives.

Saloora alleged that for the last many years MC has been made a hub of backdoor and illegal appointments by the EO of MCG in the garb of being an autonomous department.

In a statement issued here Saloora said that The revenue generated by the Municipality Ganderbal from its own resources is being misused in the shape of payment of salaries  to the kiths and kins of former Executive Officers appointed illegally on non-existent posts.

Saloora said The shocking part of the situation is that these include the 3 sons of three former Executive Officers and two daughters of other two Executive Officers appointed through back door process and against set norms.This is quite horrible to say that one of the Executive Officer namely Mohd Khalid Bhat has appointed his son Faison Bhat as Junior Assistant at the age of 16 that too at a time when he was studying in 9th Class in the School

Saloora said similarly another Executive Officer namely Gowhar Ali Tugu has appointed his two daughters namely Andleeb Gowhar and yasmeena at the age of 17 and 15 years with qualification of 10th standard, Third irony to the situation is  that a 12th pass person Ab Wahid Mir with the relation of nephew with Executive Officer Ab Rashid Mir has been appointed as Junior Assistant While as the requisite qualification for the post of Junior Assistant is Graduate with one years Diploma in Computer Appliction.In addition to the appointments of nears and dears the mashroom number of underqualified person’s mostly from Down Town area of Srinagar have been appointed in MC Ganderbal.

Saloora said shocking to know that the Govt is not releasing any salary to the illegal appointees to the Executive Officer but the Executive is paying them salaries from the Internal Resources to the tune of Rs 10 lacks s per month Which means the Executive Officer is embezzelling Rs 1.20 Cr annually. This is not only embezzlement  but cheeting with the people of Ganderbal The funds generated by the Municipality for development  of town is being paid to Illegal appointees.

He said The matter was recently taken up by the General public with Hon ble Chief Minister of  the State during public Darbar and the worth Div Com has already ordered for implementation of direction of Chief Minister but the instructions are being adhered partly on ground .

The Vigillance Organisation Kashmir has also taken cognizance of the case in case FIR No 17/2011 and charge sheet has also been produced before the Hon ble Court of Anticoruotion Srinagar on 18th  January 2018.The Court has not only taken serious view about their continuity but also labelled serious question mark about misuse of the Municipal Fund over the last 8 years .

Saloora allaged that almost Rs10 cr generated by the Municipality of Ganderbal over the last 8 years have been misused Which could have been utilized by the Municipality  for development of Bus Adda and Sumo Adda which is burning problem in Ganderbal.Why the Department of Local Bodies and District Administrations is under deep slumber When the qualified youth of Town Ganderbal are idle and planing to launch an agitation on the issue Says Saloora.

Being leader of masses I am answerable before the public who put me these questions frequently, Thus before launching an agitation on the issue and to prove civilized once more I am constrained to put question to all concerned authorities to clear this mess from Ganderbal Those who have appointed them may pay them salaries from their own I will be the last man to tolerate the salaries and wages from the internal resources of the Municipality to such illegal appointees Ganderbal belongs to the people of Ganderbal first and it is the moral duty of people of Ganderbal to keep its prestige up and those who still believe that the soil of Ganderbal is their Khaschari land or Shamlaat deh are living in fools paradise



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