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Kaaba in Mecca: The Holiest site for Muslims referred as ‘Makkaishwar Mahadevs temple’, Hindu Mahasabaha says Kaba was a hindu temple

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The Kaaba in Mecca Saudi Arabia, the most sacred site of Muslims worldwide, has been referred to as a “Hindu temple” and referred as “Macceshwar Mahadev temple in a controversial Hindu New Year calendar released by The Hindu Mahasabha, Aligarh, on Sunday the Times of India reported.

According to TOI the calendar also shows seven mosques and monuments in India from the Mughal era, including the Taj Mahal, as Hindu temples. While Taj Mahal has been referred to as “Tejo Mahalaya temple”, Makkah’s Kaba has been called the “Macceshwar Mahadev temple”.

Similarly, Madhya Pradesh’s Kamal Maula Mosque has been referred to as “bhojshala” and Kashi’s Gyanvyapi mosque has been called the “Vishwanath temple”, Qutab Minar “Vishnu Stambh”, Jaunpur’s Atala mosque “Atla devi temple” and the demolished Babri Masjid in Ayodhya as “Ram Janam Bhoomi”, the report said.

“We have organised ‘hawan’ rituals on the auspicious New year of the Hindu calendar and resolved to make this country a Hindu Rashtra,” said Hindu Mahasabha national secretary Pooja Shakun Pandey.



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