Unsheduled power cuts irks residents of Mugalpora village in Shopian

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Shopian: The residents of Mugalpora Keegam  and other adjacent villages of district Shopian are accusing Power Development Department of playing a ‘cruel joke’ with ‘rural people’ by resorting to unscheduled power cuts from past ‘several’ weeks.
The residents of the village told INS that: “Since the shifting of capital from Srinagar to Jammu, we have rarely been provided electricity”.
“We do not receive proper power supply as per schedule and long power cuts, which take days together, have become daily routine”.
Students of the Mugalpora village complained that while the government claims that education sector is there main focus area however with no electricity ‘how do they actually want us to study in evening hours’.
“Our exams are going on and due to shortage of Power Supply we have to face a lot of hardships. We are not able to study well during evening hours. We have been repeatedly asking authorities to fix this problem but they do not pay any heed,” students said.


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