Geelani, Mirwaiz, Malik share one platform  ‘We have two only options: surrender or resent brute situations’  

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Srinagar: Chairmen of Hurriyat Conference, Syed Ali Geelani and Mirwaiz Umar Farooq, and JKLF Chief Yasin Malik on Wednesday shared one platform. The occasion, a rarity during PDP-BJP dispensation, comes at a time when New Delhi’s special representative Dineshwar Sharma was in Kashmir Valley.
The leaders, who comprise joint resistance leadership, addressed a Seerat Conference organised by Tehreek-e-Hurriyat at Hyderpora here.
Geelani during his address termed the prevailing situation in state as horrendous. “Our prisoners are being tortured, subjected to physical and mental torture in state and outside state jails. We have only two options, either we have to surrender or resent all these tough and brute situations,” the octogenarian leader said.
He added: “we will never surrender and will pursue our rightful mission till the Kashmir issue is resolved as per political aspirations of people.”
Commenting over the ploys propounded by Indian forces, Geelani said that authorities are hatching conspiracies to divide “us on sectarian lines.” He called upon people to remain vigilant against all these ploys and nefarious designs.
“Let us remain united. Let us follow divine teachings of our beloved prophet Muhammad (saw),” said Geelani, adding, “I am sure one day we will be free from forced occupation. India has no legal, moral or political justification to continue its illegal occupation.”
Shedding light over the life of Prophet Muhammad (SAW), Geelani said: “The Prophet of Islam (SAW) is not for any particular community, race, tribe or any particular group. He (SAW) is the complete model for life for the entire humanity.”
Geelani in his presidential address said that Prophet (SAW) was the messenger of peace sent by Almighty Allah for the whole universe. “He (SAW) came with the message of peace, prosperity, justice, equality and brotherhood and taught us to fight against those people who believe in oppression and who forcibly enslave the human beings.”
Geelani said that the divine teachings of Prophet (SAW) brought a revolution in human thinking, faith, civilization and culture which not only changed the lives of the people but altered the geography of the world.
He said the Prophet (SAW) of Islam formulated unique, eternal and firm laws of war and as such “we are bound to resent and rise against every type of slavery, tyranny, oppression and suppression.” He said Islam lays stress to resent oppression and suppression to regain dignity and honour.
“In every part of world, Muslim ummah is facing tough times and those at the helm of affaires are tormenting lives of their people. We need to follow His teachings in letter and spirit and implement them in all sphere of their lives.”
Paying glowing tributes to Prophet (SAW), Geelani said the issues Muslims were facing today and the conspiracies being hatched by imperial and Zionist powers against Islam and the Muslims, can only be countered by following the teachings of Islam, Sunnah of Prophet (SAW) and the holy book of Quran in letter and spirit.
Mirwaiz Umar Farooq said that the Muslims of the world in general and those living in Jammu Kashmir in particular are living a pitiable life.
“We are facing appalling situation in all over world. Muslim Ummah is divided in sects and nowhere we see peace and tranquillity. We need to follow teachings of Holy Quran and our beloved prophet Muhammad (saw) in letter and spirit and implement them in all sphere of their lives,” said Mirwaiz.
Islam revolutionizes human thinking, Mirwaiz said. “We are distancing from these divine teachings and consequently we face bitter experience in every Muslim country particularly Yamen, Syria, Jammu and Kashmir and Palestine,” he said, adding, “We are facing death and destruction in our state, waywardness is rampant. Our political prisoners are being shifted to outside state and subjected to physical torture.”
Mirwaiz said that Kashmir issue was a reality and for raising genuine voices, people are subjected to brute force by Indian authorities. “We will never surrender and despite all repression and suppression, will emerge as victorious.”
Mohammad Yasin Malik stressed on unity among Muslim Ummah, saying that unification in “our folds can guarantee success as we are facing tyrant authorities and their brute forces.”
Malik said that it was obligatory for religious scholars and clerics to counter nefarious designs of oppressive forces, however their silence was unfortunate and painful.
Malik while commenting over the appalling situations in South Kashmir said that in these chilling cold days of winter, people irrespective of their gender and age, are being dragged from their houses and subjected to torture by Indian forces.
Referring to “all out operation’’ in parts of South Kashmir launched by forces, Malik said that its main aim is to break resolve of people. “Similarly NIA is being used as a psychological war weapon against leadership. We will never surrender,” said Malik and despite all this will pursue “our mission till Kashmir issue is resolved as per aspirations of people in state.”


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