UJC blames Indian spy agencies for braid chopping

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Srinagar: United Jehad Council, an amalgam of various militant organizations, on Sunday blamed ‘Indian spy agencies’ for braid chopping of women in Kashmir.
“India by spreading fear can’t make Kashmiris to relinquish their freedom struggle,” Secretary General of UJC and Ameer (chief) of Tehreek-ul-Mujahideen said in an emailed statement.
“The Indian troopers and spy agencies caused fear by barging into houses by hoaxing as ghosts. They caused fear by catch and kill and other methods but people of Kashmir time and again proved that no power can suppress them,” he said, terming the chopping of braid of women including small girls and elderly as humiliation of entire ‘Kashmir nation’. “India has posed a new challenge and people need fight it with unity and courage. In unity lies defeat of India.”


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