Srinagar: Saying that the dialogue is the only way out to resolve the Kashmir issue, the mainstream opposition parties on Saturday blamed central as well as the state government for pushing the Kashmiri youth to join militant ranks.
The mainstream opposition parties including National Conference (NC), Congress, People Democratic Front (PDF) and others blamed the anti-Kashmir policies of Narendra Modi led regime in the centre over the current deteriorating situation in Kashmir.
NC chief spokesperson and MLA Budgam, Aga Syed Ruhullah Mehdi holding People’s Democratic Party (PDP) responsible for the current mess in Kashmir, saying it the betrayal of the trust done by them, which has compelled the youth to join militant ranks.
“PDP earlier sought votes to keep BJP at bay but after the elections were over, the party in the lust of power forged an alliance with them, which resulted in anger among the youth,” he told KNS.
He said that Kashmir issue can’t be resolved on the barrel of the gun but the dialogue process is must to end the stalemate of the issue. “The NC president Omar Abdullah was the first legislator who pitched for the dialogue process to resolve the Kashmir issue. Our party has clear stand over the resolution of Kashmir issue. A peaceful dialogue process must be initiated to resolve the issue, which is pending since last 70 years,” he said.
Terming the Kashmir policy of central government as ‘aggravated’, NC leader said that the Kashmiri youth due to the anti-Kashmir policies have been forced to pick up arms.
He also said that policy over Kashmir made by former Prime Minister, Atal Bihari Vajpayee must be adopted as well.
Jammu and Kashmir Pradesh Congress Committee (JKPCC) chief, G A Mir while terming the policies of Central as well as the state government as ‘unfortunate’, said that the incumbent regimes, both in the centre and the state don’t care for the people at all.
He said that the PDP has sold the aspirations of people before BJP in the year 2014 when they formed the new dispensation with them. “The claims of PDP-BJP bonhomie’s agenda of alliance have fallen flat on the ground as the PPD’s partner is openly challenging it now. People have lost faith on the mainstream political parties, which is the outcome of betrayal of the trust by PDP,” he said.
Mir further told KNS that the PDP must break up with BJP in case they are being ignored. “The PDP is continuing the government and are waiting for any miracle to change the ground situation here,” he said, adding that India is a secular and democratic country and the youth who have joined the militant ranks should fight for their demands in a democratic way.
Peoples Democratic Front (PDF) and MLA Khansahib, Hakim Muhammad Yasin told KNS that the unemployment is the biggest challenge in the Valley, which is forcing the Kashmir youth to join militant ranks.
“Failing to pursue the agenda of alliance, weakening Article 370 and stopping all routes for the dialogue process are the main reasons behind the current situation in the Valley. The youth is educated and cannot be betrayed at all and the present anger among the youth is because of such happenings that took place in the Valley,” he said.
He also said that peace in the Valley is a distant dream and can only be achieved by opening the doors for the dialogue process.
Democratic Party nationalist (DPN) president and former agriculture minister, Ghulam Hassan Mir told KNS that the youth are not being allowed to raise their demands in a peaceful manner. “The youth who were restricted from speaking over their demands peacefully have been compelled to pick up arms,” he said.
He said that the Kashmiri youth must be provided platform to save them from violence. (KNS)




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