Sameer Ahmad


Anantnag: A local farmer in village of check isherdas mattan area of Anantnag District cultivated watermelon in offseason, becomes the first farmer in south Kashmir Anantnag District who is cultivating the watermelon in their land at isherdas village of Mattan area in Anantnag District.


The farmer earning praises from officials of Agriculture department Anantnag for their hard work and visited to meet the farmer in village.


Dost Mohammad Khan a retired government employee is cultivation the watermelon about 5 kanals in their land at isherdas village of Anantnag district. Khan have 100 knals of their own land in village and mostly they are growing fruits and vegetables.


On a trial basis, Khan A farmer from village isherdas tried cultivating watermelon with the help of Agriculture department Anantnag after the good yield villagers are encouraged and are now looking to cultivating watermelons in their own lands at village.


Talking to INS khan said that I am very thankfull to Department of Agriculture who had provide us seeds and guided me to cultivating this watermelon seed in land, khan said that we are very happy that the seed works in our land, khan is cultivating watermelon about 5 kanals of land in isherdas village.


Isherdas village is about 20kms from main town in Anantnag district, The agricultural department are focussing now to cultivate more watermelon seeds in village after the first trial seed works on ground.


However officials in agriculture department while talking to INS said that this is first time to seen in South kashmir Anantnag district that the seed like watermelon works on ground in Anantnag district. They said that we are going to send more seeds in village so that the people in village took benifit of these seeds.


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