Sunday, June 20, 2021
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Ensure sustenance and revival of badly hit businesses in J&K: KCCI to Govt

By INS Desk , in Regional Srinagar , at June 4, 2021

Srinagar: Since it is evident that businesses in J&K, particularly in the Valley has been facing the toughest times in terms of huge losses due to the situations that started unfolding since August 2019, and the ongoing pandemic has been adding the miseries and worsening the situation for more than a year now, KCCI said and urged the government to take immediate measures to ensure sustenance and revival of the badly hit businesses in J&K. Administration is well aware of the fact that be it a roadside vendor, an auto-rickshaw wala, Transporters , shopkeeper, Traders , Travel Agents ( Inbound / Outbound) , hotelier, handicraft sector or an industrialist; everyone requires handholding by the government in these turbulent times.

Therefore it is responsibility of the government to come forward with a helping hand for the relief and revival of these businesses.

Meanwhile, it has been observed that a group of the contesting candidates and some general members  for the forthcoming KCCI elections has indulged in deceitful activities in the name of the election campaign. The KCCI condemns their activities and warn them to refrain from violating the code of conduct.

It is painful to see that these contesting candidates leaving no stone unturned to mislead not only the voters but the administration as well. They along with some general members have recently filed a contempt of Court case against the KCCI. However, KCCI would like emphasize that the case will be contested with strong substantiation. KCCI spokesman said he will bring the facts before the Hon’ble Court on the hearing date which is 30 June 2021.

KCCI spokesman requests these  candidates to put a stop to their unethical activities immediately.  Otherwise, KCCI will be forced to file legal action for their violation of the rules and regulations of KCCI Constitution and Moral Code of Conduct of KCCI Elections.

Moreover, KCCI president Mr Sheikh Ashiq would continue taking up the issues related to the business with the concerned authorities and pursue their cause till the new office bearers are elected.




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