Sunday, July 25, 2021
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Gaza vilolence: UNHRC proposes Commission of Inquiry, India abstains from resolution

By Online Desk , in Regional , at May 28, 2021

India has abstained on a resolution at the UN Human Rights Council proposing to set up a Commission of Inquiry into violations surrounding the latest violence in Gaza, but also of “systematic” abuses in Palestinian territories and inside Israel, Indian express reported.

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Tbe report said that India was joined by 13 other members who abstained. With 24 voting in favour and nine against, the resolution was adopted in Geneva


“India has dropped its stock phrase of its strong support to the “just Palestinian cause” in its statement at the UNHRC on May 27 — which used to be part of Indian statements in the past. This signals a slight nuanced shift away from Palestine, and towards Israel,” the Indian Exoress report read .







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