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Covid patients with heart disease may develop moderate to severe infection: Cardiologist

By INS Desk , in Regional Srinagar , at May 22, 2021

SRINAGAR, MAY 22: Heart disease is very common among severe covid patients said Dr  Irfan Ahmad Bhat, Consultant Cardiologist Government Medical College, Srinagar while speaking about the impact of covid infection on heart health.     He said patients with heart problems and uncontrolled blood pressure are susceptible to infection and conversely covid patients also develop heart problems.

Dr Irfan said that  covid  patient having  history of any heart problem like heart attack,  cardiac stent or any other  chronic heart problem shall continue to take their prescribed medicine at optimal time and  further added that no change in medicine shall be made during covid infection. He advised heart patients to remain in touch with their personal and concerned doctors for suggestions in this regard.

He also asked covid patients having heart issues not to pay heed to rumours regarding the ill effects of prescribed medicines during covid infection seriously.

While emphasizing on vaccination for heart patients, he said that vaccination is very important for such  patients who are  taking blood thinner drugs like warfarin, aspirin or acitrom and there is no need to panic.

He also said that it has been observed that covid virus initially affected lungs then directly or indirectly affects heart and asked people to protect themselves from catching infection.

Meanwhile, Dr Irfan said that internal stable disease of some patients gets unstable due to covid infection which increases the chances of  heart attack.

Cardiologist also stressed on observance of covid appropriate behavior strictly to be safe from infection.


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