Sunday, May 9, 2021
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Jammu: Routine surgeries in Govt, private hospitals deferred till further orders

By Online Desk , in Jammu , at May 5, 2021

Srinagar: All routine surgeries in Government as well as private Health care institutions of Jammu division have been deferred till further orders. The region is witnessing surge in Covid-19 cases.

Divisional Commissioner Jammu issued an order for deferring all routine surgeries, “unless there are pressing medical reasons and the benefits of such procedure outwieght the risk related to Covid-19 situation and its fallouts.”

“However, the emergency services, critical care required for Comorbid patients, Dialysis patients, ONC surgeries, and MCH services shall continue as usual,” reads the order.

The decision to defer surgeries was taken following the surge in pandemic cases and to channelise resources towards mitigating crisis like situation that could emerge as the second wave sweeps across India.

Div Com Jammu, Dr Raghav Langar said that the main focus of health care system at this juncture is management of Covid-19 positive cases and majority of the resources at present of the health care system have been diverted to Covid-19 management.

He said that in prevailing situation ‘which demands optimal utilisation of available resources so that the existing infrastructure, health care facilities are not overburdened, the elective, routine surgeries are required to be deferred’ .

The order was issued on Tuesday.







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